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Since Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co. Ltd. Established the joint venture with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and another two parties in 1987, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. Ltd. has insisted on the prospects of being an international and regional well-known enterprise, struggling to be in the front rank of world-famous elevator enterprises.

Fact Sheet


Year of Establishment




  • Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co. Ltd. 52%
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan 32%
  • China National Machinery Import & Export Corp. 8%
  • Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Group Limited 8%




LEHY-III is a passenger traction elevator model with gearless machine and smaller machine room size. It has two different models; LEHY-III. LEHY-III has a capacity of 630-1600 kg.


Escalator Series K & J

Mitsubishi Series J was an escalator made by Mitsubishi Electric, first marketed for overseas in 2003. It is being made by Mitsubishi Elevator Korea and Shanghai Mitsubishi.


LEHY-MRL Elevator

LEHY-MRL is a machine room less traction elevator for low to mid-rise building. Similar to Elenessa, this model has its maintenance control board located hidden behind the landing station on the top floor.



LEHY-III-S is a gearless traction elevator model for high-rise buildings. This elevator has fixtures consists of either a yellow LED or multimedia LCD floor indicator and three different types of buttons.

Elevator-related Peripheral Equipment

Destination Forecast System

After the destination floor button on the operation panel on the hall is pressed, the system forecasts the number of the elevator serving this floor. The system assigns elevator depending on the destination floor to improve traffic efficiency.

Elevator Remote Monitoring System

This System uses computer to monitor the elevator’s operation and position state, and provide operation commands as necessary.

Elevator IC Card System

The buttons of certain specified floors can only be registered via IC card.

Multimedia Display System

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SMEC Technology Advances

More Reliable

LEHY-H, LEHY-M-II and LEHY-III elevators use “Mute Brake Control Technology”, which can precisely control the brake action speed and torque in elevator deceleration process and speed is nearly “Zero”.

More Durable

Durable door system ensures long-term stable operation, ensures the safety of elevator passengers, saves later elevator maintenance cost.

More Comfortable

Perfect product reliability evaluation system truly guarantees the reliable and reassuring product for our clients. What we see is the phenomenon such as standing coin in SMEC elevator “operation as stable as stop condition”.

More Environment-friendly

All of the main products on sale, including the low-end product, pass VDI4704 certificate of elevator energy efficiency, graded as A Class. Greatly reduce electricity consumption, which is more environmental-friendly.

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