TITAN New Lifts

Your Trusted Home Lift Solution

This year we are celebrating our best selling home lift brand and we would like you to be part of the experience by owning a home lift from Titan new lifts !


A wide range of home lifts


Titan New lifts have installed home lifts for many years and can provide bespoke solutions for their clients in the construction sector as well as homeowner wishing to install units as a retrofit to their homes. The basic design and form of a home lift is similar to that of a platform lift but usually on a smaller scale. We are able to supply & install a variety of vertical platform lift as home lifts that have a lifting platform or a cabin / lifts car should this be your requirement or preference. They can be provided in a variety of forms configurations to suit your chosen application with either its own self-supporting structure or in a load baring ‘shaft by others.These lifts have the ability to be supplied with multiple stops with landing doors on any 3 sides and a travel of up to 13m with glazed fire rated or sliding doors as an option depending on the model & design requirements.


Home lifts for multi-level houses and apartments


If Supplied with self-supporting structure, this can be supplied with panels or glazing or a combination of both and a choice of colours is available to enable your lift to blend seamlessly into your home. As with our cabin lifts, they can be installed in an existing or new block-built shaft leaving only the landing doors on view. Home lifts are economical and efficient to run and the power supply is backed by batteries which provide emergency lowering in the event of a power failure and are automatically recharged from the mains power supply.

Due to only a low headroom and shallow pit required, our home lifts can be suited to a range of application with minimal disruption & alterations to your home. Home lifts have become a popular home improvement item in recent times, previously considered an expensive luxury, home lifts are now a much more affordable option in multi-level houses and apartments. They also create options for persons who have developed disabilities or who are no longer able to climb stairs and can also be provided as wheelchair lifts. Rather than move to alternative single level accommodation, owners can remain independent in their existing home with minimal disruption to their lives during the short installation period.

Titan New Lifts have also seen a substantial increase in the number home lifts fitted to new homes where they add an element of luxury with a choice of stylish finishes and options available. Smaller multi-level guest houses have also benefitted from home lifts, allowing them to accommodate persons who are unable to use staircases.
Home lifts can also be useful for the transportation of light goods such as suit cases between levels safely and efficiently in your home.

Titan New Lifts strive to provide a service which is not only good value for money, but is safe, environmentally aware and informative and results in total client satisfaction. We have built the Titan New Lifts brand on strength, reliability and customer satisfaction and fully intend to continue to pursue this pathway as we grow and build on our reputation.