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Cibes Lift Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of low-speed lifts. High-quality Swedish engineering and great design are the secrets behind our success.

Their lifts are designed and manufactured in a factory in Sweden and distributed in more than 50 countries via their subsidiaries and network of 200 certified distributors. Their headquarters and factory are located under one roof in Gävle to keep perfect control of their product quality, values and brand. Over the years, Cibes Lift Group has sold and installed more than 40.000 lifts, which are used by millions of people across the world every day.

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Installed Lifts

More than 40,000 lifts installed worldwide



A4000 Home Lift

The residential lift that fits in every stairwell with a rated load of 300 kg. The Cibes A4000 Home Lift fits in the most narrow stairwell or corner and is built in just a few days. Your home lift is delivered in ready-made modules and runs with standard household electricity. This makes the installation of your Cibes home lift fast, easy and cost-efficient.


Platform Lift A5000

Elegant and ergonomic platform lifts with a rated load of 400-500 kg. The platform lift Cibes A5000 is a space saving and smart accessibility solution and a great alternative to conventional lifts. Platform lift Cibes A5000 is a ready-made lift product that requires no separate lift shaft, machine room, nor lift pit. This makes platform lift Cibes A5000 fast and easy to install.

stretcher lift

A8000 Stretcher Lift

Large and powerful platform lift with a rated load of 1000 kg. The Cibes A8000 Stretcher Lift is our largest platform lift model. Strong enough to lift 1000 kg, this large platform lift can take stretchers, hospital beds, heavy goods or large groups of people. It is affordable too. Unlike conventional lifts, the Cibes A8000 Stretcher Lift requires no major structural changes or adaptations for installation.


Cabin Lifts

Cibes screw-driven cabin lifts have the same look and feel as conventional lifts, but our cabin lifts are different, because they are so fast and easy to install. Cibes cabin lifts have minimal structural impact on the building and require very little construction work. We offer you the choice between cabin lifts with prefabricated or on-site-built lift shaft for maximum flexibility.

Technology Features

Sustainable Technology

We care about you and we care about the planet. The Cibes drive system is smart and energy-efficient, the perfect choice for green homes.


In a buzzing and ever-changing world, only the serenity of nature remains. This inspired us to develop the EcoSilent drive system. The result is a quiet revolution for screw-driven lifts and for your home.

Easy to Enjoy

Our lifts are easy to integrate and easy to enjoy. The EcoSilent system offers you and your family perfect comfort at home 24/7.

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